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 Thu, 18th May

15:15     Welcome

15:15     Mark Armstrong (Oxford), Ordered Consumer Search

16:05     Eeva Mauring (Vienna), Informational Cycles

Discussant: Sandro Shelegia (UPF)

16:55     Tea

17.25     Dmitry Lubensky (Indiana), Search Prominence and Recall Costs

Discussant: David Ronayne (Oxford)

 Fri, May 19th

9:00       Andrew Rhodes (Toulouse), Multiproduct Intermediaries

Discussant: Martin Obradovits (Innsbruck)

9:50       Chengsi Wang (Mannheim), Search platforms: Showrooming and price parity clauses

Discussant: Anton Sobolev (Vienna)

10:40     Coffee

11:10     Marton Varga (INSEAD), Shocked by What People Write Online? How Uncovering Negative Reviews Impacts Online Search and Purchase

Discussant: Simon Martin (Vienna)

12:00     Elisabeth Honka (UCLA) The Effects of Advertising on Awareness, Consideration, and Choice: Evidence from the U.S. Auto Insurance Industry

Discussant: Zsolt Sandor (Sapientia Hungarian)

12:50     Lunch

14:30     Daniel Garcia (Vienna), Dynamic Pricing with Search Frictions

Discussant: Tony Ke (MIT)

15:20     Vaiva Petrikaite (Autonoma, Barcelona), Privacy and Changing Tastes in Directed Search

Discussant: Paulo Albuquerque (INSEAD)

16:10     Tea

16:40     Mart van Megen (University of Groningen), Search and Bargaining

Discussant: Arthur Fishman (Bar Ilan)

17:30     Tony Ke (MIT), Bilateral Ratings and P2P Market Competition and Segmentation

Discussant: Alexei Parakhonyak (Oxford)

19:00     Workshop Dinner 

 Sat, May 20th

­9:00       Heski Bar Isaac (Toronto),  Vertical Information Restraints: Pro- and Anti-Competitive Impacts of Minimum Advertised Price Restrictions.

Discussant: Marco Haan (Groningen)­

9:50       Maarten Janssen (Vienna), Wholesale Price Discrimination and List Prices

Discussant: Dmitry Lubensky (Indiana)


10:40     Coffee

11:10     Sergei Koulayev (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, CFPB), No Shopping in the U.S. Mortgage Market: Direct and Strategic Effects of Providing More Information

Discussant: Matthijs Wildenbeest (Indiana)

12:00     Daniel Ershov (Toronto), The Effect of Consumer Search Costs on Entry and Quality in the Mobile App Market

Discussant: Philipp Schmidt-Dengler (Vienna)

12:50     Lunch

14:30     Tobit Gamp (UCL), Deceptive Products and Competition in Search Markets with naïve Consumers

Discussant: Edona Reshidi (Vienna)

15:20     Jurre Thiel (VU Amsterdam), The Remuneration of Advisors in Markets for Complex Products

Discussant: Karl Schlag (Vienna)

16:10     Tea

16:40    Martin Obradovits (Innsbruck) A Theory of Recoomended Price Dispersion

Discussant: Atabek Atayev (Vienna)

17:30     Michael Choi (Iowa), Consumer Search and Price Competition

Discussant: Jose-Luis Moraga (VU Amsterdam)

19:00     Dinner